NE01 – El momento de hacer (himnos edupop) (2009)

NE01 – El momento de hacer (himnos edupop, 2009)

We do believe in technology, because we do believe in individuals. And that’s why we think our struggle is over the future of technology and over the way we manage with it, it is over the struggle for the future of our culture that is assailed from all corners by the punk way of thinking. Technology and knowledge must be free to share, sell or use in order to give away ideas, innovations and visions. So we will receive whatever is shared, sold or gave away in return. We live in a connective world where culture and knowledge is everywhere, and individuals must be free to do as they want in it. Look for the perfect melody Enter the free stage: EDUPOP!
Ilustración: Néstor Alonso

Matilda: Otros tiempos 03:28
Grande-Marlaska: El comienzo 03:36
Matilda: Desaprender 02:59
Grande-Marlaska: De este lado 02:10
Sonia: Aquí en mi nube 02:46
Anntona: La policía del amor incorrecto 02:40
Zipper-Cremallera: Hoy estoy muy pop 01:49

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